Creating New

You cannot actively create any portals in the game. Portals must be officially submitted using the following steps.


Steps to submit a new Portal:

1) Make sure your GPS on camera app is enabled ( Open Camera > Settings > Store location >ON )

2) Snap a photo with your Android phone with the standard camera app

3) Select the Share option for the photo

4) Share to NIA Super Ops (with the Ingress logo)

5) Enter a proposed title for the Portal and touch OK.

6) This prepares an email to our Niantic Ops team with the photo and location of the object. Send the email.

7) Niantic Labs will review the picture and object location and then add it to the game database if it meets our general criteria for Portals.


Example types of objects:

  – Statues

  – Unique architecture

  – Outdoor murals

  – Historic buildings

  – Special outdoor buildings

  – Unique local businesses


How long will it take:

  – Decisions on whether or not a Portal will be accepted will take up to 2-3 weeks.

  – Expect a Portal to go live 2-3 weeks after it is accepted.

Tip: The location of where you take the picture, is where the portal will be created. Also, it should be safe and accessible to the public