Creating a Link

Creating Links between Portals is a key step toward creating Control fields to earn Mind Units and AP.

To create a link between two Portals, the following conditions must apply:

1) Both the Origin and Destination Portals of the Link must have all eight Resonators deployed on each portal.

2) Each of the eight Resonators must be above the Critical XM health level.

3) The agent must hold the Portal Key for the Destination Portal in their inventory.

4) The Destination Portal must be within the distance range of the origin Portal, as determined by the overall level of the origin Portal.


To establish the Link:

1) Stand next to the origin Portal.

2) Touch the origin Portal in the Scanner view.

3) Touch the LINK button in the Portal details view.

4) Either:

– Touch a highlighted Portal in the Scanner view; or

– Open the carousel of Portal Keys from the side of the Scanner view, and select a particular Portal Key for the destination Portal.

5) Touch CONFIRM to establish the Link.


Destroying a Link

Destroy an enemy controlled Link by attacking the Resonators that are deployed on the Portals that anchor the Link. For example, you can fire an XMP to damage a Resonator and reduce its XM health. When all eight resonators have their XM health reduced to the Critical level, then the Link will fail.

Note: The quick action menu items (via long press on the map) usually fires the highest level item in your inventory. If you go to your ITEMS view you can select a specific XMP.



Range of Links

Depending on your combination of resonators (and their levels) on a portal, your link range will vary. The more higher level resonators you have, the greater the distance you can span. It is important to note that this only affects the portal you are attempting to connect from.

For example, say you are trying to establish a link between a L1 portal and L4 portal, with a distance between them of 3KM. If you are currently accessing the L1 portal, it will not have enough range to reach the other one; however, the L4 portal has no problem reaching across that distance to the L1. In other words, both portals do not need to be able to reach the other one, only one may reach while the other does not. Your options would be to either upgrade the L1 portal to a sufficient level, or establish the link from the other (L4) portal.

The range of the portal can be found at the top:

Upgrade portal


This chart shows the growing range of a Portal as it increases in level (average of all resonators):

Portal Link Range and Distance