Hack Portals to acquire game objects. You can hack any Portal, but the probability of receiving items will depend on whether the Portal is neutral or controlled by one of the Factions. Hacking a portal costs 100 XM per level of the portal.  Higher-level portals may give higher-level items.


To HACK a Portal:

Walk up to a Portal until your “action range” (the circle around the player icon in the Scanner view) contains the Portal. Touch the Portal icon and then select HACK in the Portal’s details view to attempt to retrieve items from that Portal.

There is a 5-minute “Cool Down” period before you can hack the same Portal again.   If you trigger the cool-down four times during a four-hour span, it will indicate that “the portal has burned out” and the cool-down will last for the rest of that four-hour span.

Note:  The cool-down will only apply to you. It does not stop anyone else from hacking the same portal.

Tip: If you are having difficulty getting within range of the portal, try the following. 1) Select the portal and open its menu.  2) Pick the last menu item, Track Portal.  3) Your device will now give you indications towards your target; additionally, it will open the portal page when you are within range.