Attacking Enemy Portals:

You will need items called “XMP Bursters”.  An XMP Burster is an energy bomb which will deal damage to all enemy resonators in the area.  Each XMP burster can only be fired one time.  It always deals the most damage at the place you are directly standing, and it deals less damage to resonators that are far away.  When you have eliminated all the resonators, the portal will turn back to neutral and you can capture it.

Note: You can only attack the surrounding resonators of a portal, not the portal itself. Also, XMP bursters ONLY work on enemy faction targets and cannot be used on your own team’s resources.


XMP Bursters:

The higher the level of the burster, the more damage it will do to enemy resonators, and the greater the range it will have. A level-2 burster will do up to double the damage a level-1 burster will do, and so on. Keep in mind that in order to use a level-2 burster, you must be Level 2+ yourself, a level-3 burster will require you to be Level 3+, etc.

The following chart illustrates the amount of damage done by each XMP burster and its effective range.

Attacking - XMP Chart Damage and Range



Nemesis Notifications:

When a structure is destroyed, the owner will receive a notification indicating such an action by Niantic Project Operations. For example, if an enemy destroys (3) of your resonators, you will receive (3) separate notifications.


While attacking, it is possible for you to take damage from the enemy portal. The following table indicates the related numbers.

Enemy Portal and Related Data:

Portal Level XM Damage If It Hits You XM Cost To Hack
1 75 100
2 150 200
3 300 300
4 500 400
5 750 500
6 1125 600
7 1625 700
8 2500 800


The following chart illustrates the above table of data.

Attacking - Enemy Portals Damage and Hack Cost