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Faction and codename change policies:

1) One codename change per player.

2) One faction change per player.

3) Because faction changes affect other players, they are not guaranteed.

4) Once a player’s application for a faction change is received, a decision on whether the change is accepted or rejected will be made within 2-3 weeks.

5) If a faction change application is accepted, that player’s Portals, Resonators or other items obtained will be lost. If one of your teammates changes allegiances, you may see NIAOPSDAEMONX destroying entities.


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For archival purposes, here are the various (APK) app versions thus far:

Ingress 1.00.0

Ingress 1.04.0

Ingress 1.06.0

Ingress 1.08.0

Ingress 1.08.1



Been all over town capturing portals? See your Google Location History


Fan of the Ingress audio?

Download a zip of all of the audio from the app. (files in .ogg  format)


Custom Badges for your respective groups!



Want a Boot Animation for your phone?

Go to the XDA link first, for demo (or Direct Download link is here)



Stefan Breunig’s User Script / Map Overlay for Intel

Download at Github