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Watch RoboCop Full Movie Online Free Putlocker Viooz Streaming Megashare
02-24-2014, 09:57 PM
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Watch RoboCop Full Movie Online Free Putlocker Viooz Streaming Megashare
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Gotta feel a little sorry for director José Padilha, tasked with taking over an action-classic remake that had been stuck in development for years — and that fans of the much-admired original eyed with considerable skepticism. For one thing, the basic premise—a Detroit cop is saved from the brink of death via reinvention as a cyborg, only to be programmed by the corporation that designed him as an indiscriminate killing machine—now feels as unradical to the average filmgoer as the latest episode of Fox’s new cop-with-a-robot-partner procedural Almost Human. In the era of sophisticated digital prostheses and Google Glass, who among us isn’t something of a cyborg?

But let’s also be honest for a moment about the movie Padilha is revisiting: Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 RoboCop, a B movie punching far above its weight, with some cheekily subversive Establishment-tweaking and brilliantly executed subtext buried under some truly clunky performances and stock ’80s action. In short: There was plenty of room for improvement. And in taking advantage of that, Padilha’s new take on the material isn’t the disaster some might have predicted.

But what really makes RoboCop a challenging remake is the original’s peculiar tone, an incongruous blend of bone-crunching violence, waggish social satire, and mournful Christian allegory. Verhoeven set his dystopian thriller in a recognizably Reagan-era landscape of urban chaos and Rust Belt decay, and even wove fake TV commercials in and out of the action plot for the apparent sole purpose of mocking American consumerism and political obliviousness. (Reportedly, Verhoeven inserted many of these ads after principal photography had ended, in hopes of jollying the ratings board out of saddling his gory film with an X rating. The ploy worked, and the R-rated RoboCop became one of the year’s sleeper hits both at the box office and among critics.)


It doesn’t hurt that Padilha and screenwriter Joshua Zetumer have even more fertile political material to work with in 2014. Verhoeven’s film had no shortage of targets — among them rampant crime, corruption, the vapidity of media and entertainment, and corporate greed. The update manages to work with all of those while also taking high-caliber shots at drone warfare, flag-waving cable-news talking heads and the vulnerability of legislators to money and marketing.

Watch RoboCop Online Viooz The basic story is the same: Detroit cop Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), recently all but killed in the line of duty, is rebuilt as a cyborg crime fighter by a huge corporation looking to mine the city’s out-of-control crime troubles for profit. As before, nearly everyone involved is crooked in one way or another, and it’s up to our metallic hero to find the humanity still tangled up amid the circuitry that’s so thoroughly clouding his brain functions, so he can clean up more than just the city’s streets.

Padilha, a Brazilian director whose previous credits include the extraordinary true-crime documentary Bus 174 and both installments of the well-regarded Elite Squad action franchise, was under no obligation to recreate Verhoeven’s wackadoo recipe, nor would it have been wise to try. But to justify the existence of a remake at all, he and the film’s screenwriter, Joshua Zetumer (adapting the original script by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner) needed to establish an authorial approach, and a fictional world, that were comparably specific and complex. (Listen to me over here, arguing for the need to “justify” rebooting a recognizable entertainment franchise to anyone but Mammon. I sound as quaint as the above use of the word cyborg.)

Watch RoboCop Online Free Megashare Keaton brings a smug but personable arrogance to his role — just the kind of charismatic sliminess it requires — while Oldman is the movie’s wobbly moral center, a good man corrupted by circumstance and weakness. Norton is a doctor who wants funding to further research and develop mechanical prosthetics, but Sellars cares only about using the scientist’s successes to influence legislation that would let him supply fully automated crime-control drones to the government. The CEO’s primary ally is Mattox (Jackie Earl Haley), a robot tactician who finds RoboCop a laughable project — like his boss, he favors pure robotics over the cyborg approach.
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02-25-2014, 04:11 AM
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RE: Watch RoboCop Full Movie Online Free Putlocker Viooz Streaming Megashare

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