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Watch That Awkward Moment Full Movie Online Free Putlocker Viooz Streaming Megashare
02-24-2014, 06:31 PM
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Watch That Awkward Moment Full Movie Online Free Putlocker Viooz Streaming Megashare
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Watch That Awkward Moment Online Free When Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller feature in what looks to be a standard rom com, you’d rightly hope that these terrific young performers with impeccable recent choices on their resume could elevate the material. Don’t be fooled, That Awkward Moment (retitled Are We Officially Dating for Australian audiences) takes a tired 90s feeling premise, promptly forgets it and meanders for an excruciating ninety minutes only to deliver its best material in the outtakes.

Perhaps that’s because the outtakes prominently feature neither the film’s screenplay, by first-time writer-director Tom Gormican, nor its most bankable star, Zac Efron. That Awkward Moment offers few revelations about its ostensible subject — Gen Y dudes and romance — but a couple about comedy. First, say what you will about Judd Apatow’s wandering, improv-driven flicks or his trendy protégée, Lena Dunham: They share an instinct for hyperverbal snark and silliness that’s tough to duplicate. Second, Efron is just not funny.

Watch That Awkward Moment Online Furthermore, he’s painfully miscast as Jason, a cad who charms girls with his wit only to remove them from his “roster” of steady hookups when they demand exclusivity. (The “awkward moment” referenced in the title is when a woman asks, “So … where is this going?”) Efron says all his cocky-asshole lines diligently, but, try as he may, he doesn’t have a Tucker Max bone in his body. And the “wit” with which the script supplies him is perfunctory at best.

Watch That Awkward Moment Online Free Streaming Jason shares a New York apartment with workmate Daniel (Miles Teller), whom the script hasn’t bothered to give his own personality; he’s essentially a less dimply-and-ripped version of Jason. Apparently Gormican thought it was sufficient to differentiate the third bro, the duo’s friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordan), who craves commitment and scarfs Ben & Jerry’s after his wife dumps him. “We checked all each other’s boxes!” he moans.

Writer/director Tom Gormican is trying to explore conflicting ideas resulting in a film that fundamentally doesn’t know what it is. The script is as frustrating as changing directions on a sat nav. It starts out with an honest Judd Apatow/Kevin Smith-esque tale of twenty-something promiscuity and the developed method of a roster of girls Jason and Dan enjoying the fruits of their labour. Unfortunately once they’re attempting to comfort Mikey in the wake of a brutal discovery of infidelity it takes a hard left toward a rehashing of high school ‘bet’ triviality that sees the friends encourage his return to the single life with a bet that denies any of them commitment.

Watch That Awkward Moment Online Viooz Finally Gormican can’t resist but attempt of Family Guy/Seth McFarlane ‘random’ like Jason misunderstanding ‘dress-up’ and attending a formal party as ‘rock-out-with-your-cock-out.’ The depths of the failure is none more evident in the moment that Jason, who begins to be smitten with Ellie (Imogen Poots), has a choice to support her in the wake of a sudden death in the family and instead of attending the funeral he decides that staying true to the bet is more important that comforting grief, despite the advice from his friends. Such a callow move from the main character in a film, that even in poster form does not bury the lead, leaves you unsuccessfully grasping of any redeeming factors.

Mikey’s friends let him crash at their place and offer to introduce him to all kinds of “new boxes,” which is as clever as this movie’s humor gets. As soon as the three men make a pact to stay single and revel in their freedom, we know where this is going. All aboard the “all it takes is the right girl” express!

Watch That Awkward Moment Online Free Putlocker Jason is drawn to a bookish type (Imogen Poots) who inexplicably finds him hilarious and adorable. Mikey reconnects with his ex. And Daniel finds himself falling for his best friend and wingwoman (Mackenzie Davis), whom he’d always dismissed as “undateable.” It’s not clear why, given that she could model, lives in an amazing apartment and has an easy rapport with him — but then, a lot of things in this movie don’t add up.

At least Teller and Davis achieve something resembling natural chemistry; the movie’s other relationships are a fizzle. The raunchy banter among the bros isn’t much more fun. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) and Teller (The Spectacular Now) are both talented young actors, but they can’t do much with tired gags about toilet hogging and self-abuse with self-tanning lotion.

Watch That Awkward Moment Online Megashare Efron, Teller and Jordan all do their best work in this film when they’re allowed free rein. Bouncing off of each other, drinking in Jason’s apartment playing XBOX or grabbing a cup of coffee they’re reaching for the those fleeting but unforgettable moments of 40 Year Old Virgin between Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen fighting over who is the gayest friend. However, once they’re forced to enunciate each laborious syllable of smothering contrivance you’re begging for something; humour, authenticity or quirk. Poots’ Ellie is the highlight. She’s organic and fresh in a way that cuts through the plasticine narrative construct.
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