Operation GO BLUE

Operation GO BLUE

Repost of: Ingress Field report by Linda Besh (submitted to G+)


The Battle for Ann Arbor, home of University of Michigan (Dec15)
Resistance Detroit’s Operation GO BLUE

Resistance Detroit planned an attack on Enlightenment  Saturday Dec 15 in Ann Arbor. We each made our way into town at different times, with the first wave of the operation beginning around 11:00am with Resistance Agent Kyrie taking out the Farm Park (bottom right red circle on the Before Enlightenment field picture below).  This operation couldn’t have even begun without Kyrie and her husband StraightShot taking out the giant field over Ann Arbor first. Kyrie had been out earlier battling Enlightenment agent Olivetta who was attacking Kyrie’s home turf.

At noon:  In the middle of town, Enlightenment agents were happily linking all those portals they owned, oblivious to the attack about to be played out.

At 1:40pm  Agent Taggie313 began by blowing up a portal in Graffiti Alley. With him was Agent AngelFyre, taking portals and dismantling the outer links of the giant green field Kyrie had destroyed. This operation was well planned and excellently executed. Taggie313, Kyrie, StraightShot & AngelFyre then began an all out attack moving from portal to portal. They went through with both guns blaring,

Meanwhile the Enlightenment must have been in for a jolt when they took a look at their COMM and saw page after page after page of destruction.

Around 4:00pm, Wave 2 arrived, Agent Take and Agent Wolfinder arrived and began their attack on Liberty Plaza. Now we had two teams moving across the city, you can see on the COMM that Enlightenment activity slowed and they must have retreated to watch and wait and regroup, they could no longer happily link portals because of the field we had thrown over their heads.

At 4:30pm Agent Darco arrived, he is a high level agent so he went immediately to work upgrading the important portals that anchored the large blue field now hanging over Ann Arbor.

At 5:00pm Wave 3 began to arrive in town, Agent DannyVermin and our newest agent, Agent DarkNexiz, and Agent Darco hit Main Street and began taking out portal after portal. By 6:00pm I was able to join them, by that time they had claimed a path of portals from Main Street to State Street. I, Agent Portalyst, announced my arrival by blowing up a portal at Main and Miller, and then met up with Agents DarkNexiz and DannyVermin at the State Theater.  We began taking out all the portals on State Street, Agent DarkNexiz hit L2 very quickly,

In another part of town Agent Sagarious began his attack.

Someone on the COMM said “kill, Kill, KILL!” we laughed, could almost hear Arlo saying those words as we spread across the downtown area.

6:00pm-8:00pm We all continued our attack moving in separate groups, each taking a part of town. I am a new L6 and when we got into the Legal Quad where there were about 10 portals in a small area and I lit a L6 XMP and saw all those portals lite up with red numbers, it was unbelievable. I noticed in the distance other portals also were turning red, and thought it was one of the other groups, NOPE it was my L6 XMP, man that thing is destructive, I moved forward with a new sense of power.

By 8:00pm Agent phreakah,  who lives in Ann Arbor checked her COMM in shock to see the calvary had arrived to help him take back Ann Arbor! He was thrilled and a little sad to be so late to the party, he immediately went to work destroying as many portals as possible and setting up fields.

By 8:30pm We were running low on battery and it started raining, finally my battery just gave out, and DannyVermin’s too. I was kicking myself for not making sure my phone was fully charged before I left home, but I managed to get some damage done.  Agents Kyrie and StraightShot moved up a level to L6!

All of us exhausted our XMP inventories, I have no L5 or L6 XMP left, we all felt that it was taking many more XMP than in the past to kill off resonators.

We all made our way home, anxious to take a look at the intel map and see what damage we did. We were all shocked when we saw just how good a job we did,>>> if you look at the pictures below you can see the before and afters  - this is a ONE DAY change!!


Our best reward was seeing the expressions of thanks on the COMM from the Ann Arbor Resistance Agents.


Before and After:


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    Excellent! Looking forward to joining the Resistance (whenever I finally get my invite). 8/

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