Ingress Cheats

Ingress Cheats

With any game, there are always going to be people that come across exploits, whether unintentionally or otherwise. Google can only do so much, as it is unlikely a game of this size can be entirely server-side based. Granted we are in a state of beta testing, we know that; however, these items have the ability to wildly unbalance the game if not corrected quickly.


As of this post, we have been able to replicate the following [clearly unfair] actions:

1)  GPS Spoofing.  User is able to position their scanner/self anywhere they like.  (** rooted devices)

2)  Location Spoofing.  A user can position themselves anywhere on the immediate scanner map.

3)  Portal Resources.  A hack technique can be used to gather additional resources.

4)  Unlimited XMP.  A technique can be used to allow the user to use any XMP they have as often as they would like.

5)  Unlimited Resonators.  A trick for deployment can be used to offer the user resonators without depletion.

6)  Remote Hacking.  One can hack a portal without being in range.


  1. Karsten Lang

    GPS or Location hacking should be fairly easy to prevent by simply calculating the speed between the locations for the last 24 hours.

    Teleportation is detected if a person moves “too fast” or “too much”

  2. Rhinehart

    So how do I report this if I feel this has happened? Say if I saw someone come into and area and destroy 18 portals and make them all level 4 in a short period of time? Does Ingress have the tools to look and see if this person cheated?

    • Niko

      Trust me,isn’t a cheat: higher level player can destroy a portal in 2minutes,shooting xmp chain mode (shooting xmp level 4quick i destroyed a level 5 portal in 2min). AND TRUST ME (i know it) you CAN’T upgrade a portal to level 4 with hacking…is possible deploy only level 1 resonator with mock hack.

  3. What is m-Hacking ?

  4. Irulan

    It makes me loose the interest in the game. There is not much to do when the other players in the area you live are higher level then you. Sure, I could cheat to reduce the deficit. But I don’t find that fun.

    • Higher level players need to help the lower level guys to advance in levels or they can’t upgrade their portals past a certain level (5). Being a high level lone wolf has its charm but I’m finding it as much fun helping the newer guys as I had when I was lower level playing alone.

      • Mark

        I don’t agree that with higher levels around there isn’t any fun. I feel it is whining by adults. I am in an area that is quite central to the country (Holland, not very big) and all of the 7 portals around the city (most in 1 place) were my own faction….so no AP to be gotten. It became Saturday. All of a sudden a opposing force took over all portals with level 4 and 5 defense…I have been hacking the better of last week to level and breakdown those portals (luckily the game is a Social game, so you work together). Last weekend someone from a remote city passed by and degraded half of the opposing portals…now we have most of them back and I leveled from 2 to lvl 3 in 2 days flat. It is all about perseverance and communication.

        • How do you communicate around a portal? Can there be a way to get into touch with fellow players in your area?


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