FR: Rio, Brazil

FR: Rio, Brazil
Field Report Repost from: Ingress
Executed by: Carlos Alberto Teixeira

Date: 9 December 2012


First there were no Ingress neutral portals in Niterói, which is located across Guanabara Bay, opposed to Rio de Janeiro, in Brasil. On 2012-12-02, just by chance while driving, I discovered the first two portals here. But, OMG, both were in the sea! Two photos by Panoramio user Harald Mann were used to define these two portals. Both are entitled “Niteroi skyline (Niteroi, Brasil)”:

Just check it out and you’ll see both pix were probably taken with Mr. Mann embarked. Or maybe there was some GPS failure, who knows?


My first idea was to report both portals to Ingress team for imprecise location. But, wait a minute… Why not let them stay exactly where they are and go for them? That’s what I did.

Yesterday (2012-12-08) I got a truck tube a friend gave me 35 years ago. Inflated it and it was leaking. Not too much, but leaking. It could give me maybe 1 hour of good floating for my 110kg (242,5 pounds).

Today (2012-12-09) I woke up 4:30am, reinflated the tube, got a sealed bag for my Galaxy Nexus GT-i950, a towel, and started navigating. No oars, paddling by hand. A soft wind against me. I stopped some times to check my position.

Conquered the first portal, deployed  my resos (L5,4,3,3,3,3,2,2) which could allow me >12km links. Shielded the portal. Keeping position was hard, cause the wind grew stronger. And also, the GPS reading was erratic. Linked to Praça XV, Chopin statue and Copacabana Fort. Two pretty nice control fields. Got some rest. At 52 years old, my good old arms are not the same anymore. Had to paddle *a lot* to keep my ship inside each portal’s radius. For sure, the next 3 days will be a bit painful for my arms.

Then, second portal. Just eight L1 resos. And linked to the first.

Mission accomplished. Now, let’s just wait for Resistance to do their job. And resist to the Resistance as much as possible, at least until our baby girl Luiza is born, next January, when I’ll have to reduce drastically my Ingress adventures.

Greetings from Carlos Alberto Teixeira, Ingress codename “immergut”.



Three videos: (Portuguese) (English) (Portuguese)


Captioned photos:

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