Beta Bugs

Beta Bugs

Over the last several days, there has been much speculation over the odd events in the game.  The timing of it all only heightened the many rumors that were being circulated. In short form, we now know the following:

1) The hundred billion MU swings (on both sides) that we have seen today and last week are from control fields bugs. Here is an image link to the Resistance capture earlier today. This either stems from an algorithmic error and/or mistake in the population data.

2) The incredible field decay that we saw two days ago was the result of Niantic Labs attempting to fix an XMP bug. This was officially stated on the Ingress Discussion board by NianticOpsDonatello. However, since that change, it would appear that many people are now experiencing a change in XMP behavior and effectiveness.

3) For anyone that requested an invite [activation code] from between Thursday, Dec. 13 at 4pm and Saturday, Dec. 15 at 4pm (PST), your requests during this time frame may have been blocked (lost). Ingress is encouraging you to re-submit your request if you fall into this group.


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  1. Aaron

    There are two portal in Fort Lee New Jersey that have a very strange bug. In short, the portal resonators refuse to die despite have plenty of XM, XMP and the correct user level. I’ve heard of several complaints of the same problem but I’ve verified this myself with two portals located in Fort Lee NJ. There are easy to identify as the links run a good portion of the Hudson River all the way down to Hoboken NJ.

    While attacking the portals the resonators levels drop as usual. Then all of a sudden the high level XMP spool up then refuse to fire. When you drop to a lower level XMP, the same problem occurs until you finally can only use you level 1 XMP. Then nothing fires at all leaving the portal there but with very low levels. Inevitably someone will come along and recharge and re-deploy new resonators but all the links and fields remain. I’ve tested this with four other users and we all have the same problem.

    To add to the strangeness both portal have very very long links that span the New Jersey side of the Hudson river from Fort Lee to Hoboken. Others have now located these portals and huge fields are now being created for, Edgewater, Weekhawken, Clifside Park, Ridgefield, Englewood and Fort Lee. I’ve now heard of reports of similar problems in the New york side of the Hudson river but haven’t confirmed it myself but long link can now be seen from Yonkers NY to 98th street along the river.

    I’ve attempted to destroy these portals on five seperate occasions with four users and we’re unable to take it down. can someone PLEASE look into this ASAP.

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